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COWGIRL MAGAZINE: Ahead Of The Curve, Milton Menasco Predicts Sporty Cowgirl Trend

COWGIRL MAGAZINE | Cowgirl Style | Written by Andrea Thorpe | Photography by Elizabeth Hay

We've been feeling sporty lately, so we were honored when Cowgirl Magazine took notice and whole heartedly agreed, Sporty Cowgirl is the next big thing. "Coastal Cowgirl has taken the crown in Summer 2023 fashion but what’s the next big thing? Milton Menasco, a California-based, Western brand has a hunch and we feel pretty good about it – enter Sporty Cowgirl."

Alli Addison of Milton Menasco explains the thought behind their upcoming collections based around the Sporty Cowgirl aesthetic:Coastal Cowgirl has certainly had a moment this season, but we’re gonna come out and say it, Sporty Cowgirl is THE next moment, and one that is here to stay. The Rise of the Sporty Cowgirl, an intersection of atheleisure and horse girl culture. “In the wake of the coastal cowgirl trend (no pun intended),” says Addison, “we wanted to present a series of collections and style direction that could transcend seasons, demographics, disciplines and beyond. The sporty aesthetic didn’t just feel current, it felt classic. I could see longevity in this direction,” she continues. “There is tremendous effort in what we do, as all brands can agree, and it would be our hope that years down the road you still reach for that favorite ball cap, those stand out pants, and that cozy well-worn sweater. We design and craft to stand the test of time.

How does the Sporty Cowgirl dress?

"We recently launched two new collections this month (Country Club by Milton Menasco and our collaboration collection SPORT – Milton Menasco x Street & Saddle) rooted in athleticism yet brimming with Western influence. Think tear away track pants with functioning black pearl snaps, high rise bike shorts and coordinating bralettes with western yoke details, oversized rugby sweaters with pearl snaps and exaggerated Western collars (lovingly referred to as the Rodeo Rugby), unisex ringer tees with vintage graphics and athletic icons, Country club inspired ball caps, Diamond tennis necklaces and so much more. Sport tech fabrics and hand crafted construction lend an approachable but elevated feel to the pieces."

The SPORT collaboration collection with Street & Saddle is best described as vintage athletic style with a Western twist, and the Country Club Collection embodies a club environment that is equal parts high brow and down home – cheeky, vintage-inspired and timelessly horse girl chic.

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