Hey, Cowboy. Hold Your Horses. Just in time for Lover's Day (and let's face it, everyday), the 'HOLD YOUR HORSES, COWBOY' Special Edition Button Pack.


An exclusive Milton Menasco-designed collection of three 1.25” statement buttons to be worn with gusto and pride. Place on backpacks, jackets, lapels, hats and more. Available while supplies last. 


'HOLD YOUR HORSES, COWBOY' Special Edition Button Pack

    • Includes a three pack of custom 1.25" round buttons.
    • Looks extra-fun on hats, saddle pads, jackets, backpacks and more.
    • Durable steel pin-back. Do not poke yourself! We repeat, please do not poke yourself. Button pins can come loose if pushed or knudged while wearing and using, so remember to be smart with your buttons and handle with care. We cannot be held liable if you prick your finger and become held under some ancient Horse Crazy spell.