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INTRODUCING MILTON'S CLOSET CLUB BOXES. A curated collection of Milton Menasco goods for $75 - archived styles, vintage pieces, previously sold out items, never before seen styles and current collection items. All packaged up with horse girl energy and delivered straight to you. Simply pick your desired size, and we take care of the rest. This is not a subscription, but a limited-edition offering. Will you know what's coming? No, it's a surprise. But we can guarantee you will receive at least three clothing/accessory items totaling a value of at least $145. It's a gamble, but when you bet on horse girl style, everyone seems to come out on top. Available while supplies last. .


Out of Stock
    • A curated collection of (at least three) Milton Menasco goods
    • $145+ value
    • Limited-edition offering, no subscriptions
    • All Rights reserved, no reproductions without written consent
    • Available while supplies last
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