We've gathered all the elements for an elegant, cozy and well-appointed western home this season: stunning photographic tomes, vintage horse ashtrays with intoxicating palo santo smudge sticks and leather pony objet d'art. From the coffee table to the nightstand, console table and bookshelf, this gift bundle elevates a space in the most classic and horse-centric of ways. We've included a copy of renowned photographer Anouk Masson Krantz's latest (and critically acclaimed) large format photography book 'AMERICAN Cowboy,' a circa 1960-era black and white horse ashtray, a bundle of palo santo smudge sticks tied in black leather string and our best-selling leather black pony charm. The perfect collection for a well-appointed horse home this new year, available while supplies last.

'The Well-Appointed Horse Home' Coffee Table Bundle, Western Edition

    • Published by The Images Publishing Group // ACC Art Books
    • Foreword by American screenwriter and director Taylor Sheridan
    • 11" x 14", 304 pages
    • Vintage ashtrays measure approx. 8" x 8"
    • Hand-crafted leather pony charm featuring tonal stitching and suede mane and tail details.
    • Approximately 4.5" wide by 3.5" high with a 7" loop.
    • Bundle of (3) palo santo 'holy wood' sticks
    • Palo Santo sticks are meant to be lit with a lighter or match, burned for 30 seconds and then blown out and allowed to smolder in a heat-proof dish under supervision, not suitable for children
    • Available while supplies last