If there ever was a requisite book for all riders, young and old, on ponies or horses, it is certanily Norman Thelwell's classic: A Leg At Each Corner - Complete Guide to Equitation. Known for his spot-on, cheeky cartoon depictions of pony clubbers and their mounts, Thelwell's vintage books have become incredibly popular over the years. We've rounded up a small collection of these international treasures (with editions ranging from the 1960's to the early 2000's) that will leave you positively giddy and relating to the trials and tribulations of pony-ownership on every level imaginable. 


Please note this is a vintage item that shows the wear and tear (and love) of 20 to nearly 50 years, passed down and enjoyed through many generations of horse lovers. It's condition is typical of its age. 


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    • Thewell's-illustrated 'A Leg At Each Corner' written by Norman Thelwell 
    • Vintage books range from 1960's to early 2000 prints, are in fair to good condition with intact dust jacket and spine. Dust jackets include tears, marks and paint, please handle with care.
    • Available while supplies last