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THE MENASCO EDIT | Sunday Paper | Written by Milton Menasco and Photography by Elizabeth Hay

SERVING UP ‘EQUESTERN’ FUSION - Milton Menasco Investigates the Inclusion of Equestrian Fashion at the National Finals Rodeo

Order up. When two worlds collide, (sometimes) epic things happen. Equestrian style mixed with western spirit is just one of those epic happenings. Will this year’s National Finals Rodeo see a little more classic equestrian influence on the steps of Thomas and Mack? The team at Milton Menasco predicts YES.

“We believe that tall riding boots and cowboy hats can coexist with stylistic ease,” says Alli Addison of Milton Menasco. “Breeches paired with western belts, english show coats alongside a little fringe. There are no rules to how we dress, so why should the blending of two disciplines be any different?” she questions.

Horse culture is a unique one as many horse back riding lovers tend to stay in a very specific lane, both in the saddle and on the streets. But a fusion is on the rise notes the Milton Menasco team. The western lifestyle is certainly making an impression on the equestrian set and visa versa. Over the last few years, more and more western pieces have been showing up on the showgrounds of hunter jumper horse shows, dressage events and more, and much like mainstream fashion western style is really being embraced right now.

English horse back riding culture has always been unique, in that it attracts people from all walks of life but it attracts a lot of city and urban folk as well. We are witnessing more and more incorporating western fashion (think horse trainers in white breeches and tall riding boots but wearing Resistol straw cowboy hats), connecting more with western riding disciplines, actually trying them out as well, and a strong curiosity and appreciation of the western lifestyle we all know and love.

The big question of the moment though, can elements of equestrian style exist in a rodeo setting? This is the wild, wild west. If neon and sequins, high fashion, and classic plaid with cowboy cut wranglers can all show up to the same event and somehow work, equestrian style certainly has a place in the world.

Take the chance, try something bold, channel your inner equestrian this rodeo season. Mix and match, layer and layer, and let your horse girl flag fly.

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