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HORSE & STYLE MAGAZINE: We'll Bring The Horses

HORSE & STYLE MAGAZINE | Behind The Brand | Written by Laurie Berglie

Horse & Style Magazine has always held a special place in our hearts, it's the equestrian-centric publication where founder Alli Addison initially got her start in the horse media world having produced a series of stories and content for the H&S Team. For their latest rebranded issue under a new and expanded team, we were approached by our dear friend and author Laurie Berglie about doing a Behind the Brand feature, and naturally, immediately said "yes!"

"The name's Alli, but you can call her Milton. Seriously, she doesn't mind. Fashionable, horse-obsessed, California-native Alli Addison has been behind @miltonmenasco, the wildly popular Instagram account, for almost a decade. What started as a way to visually compile the works of art created by her late great uncle Milton Menasco has now blossomed into a luxury lifestyle brand that's been embraced by both horse lovers and non-horse people alike. A sprinkle of english equestrian, a dash of western cowpoke, and a whole lot of horse girl energy were poured into the making of the Milton Menasco brand, and we have a feeling that with Alli at the helm, absolutely anything is possible."

Read the entire Q&A here (starting on page 34) as Laurie Berglie of Horse & Style Magazine dives into the humble beginnings of our little brand and what the future holds. Big surprise, it's filled with more collaborations and lots of horses.

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