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SUNDAY PAPER: Go Vintage, Or Go Home

THE MENASCO EDIT | Sunday Paper | Written by Milton Menasco and Photography by Elizabeth Hay

Trophy vintage, investment pieces, repeat-wear, borrowed, sustainable fashion, grandpas closet, new-to-you and so much more. Vintage is the moment. We repeat, VINTAGE IS THE MOMENT.

Now throw a dash of western spirit into your vintage wardrobe and you’ve got yourself an unrivaled ensemble at your finger tips. So how does one curate the ideal (and absolutely unique) vintage western look for the National Finals Rodeo? Start with one piece and build upon that foundation. A western button down, sport coat, boots, a vintage sweater or belt can serve as the springboard to your look. Add in something modern to balance the focal piece, a juxtaposition if you will, a basic item or two, an accessory and there you have it.

To be continued...

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