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Saddle Bunny Podcast: Equ-WEST-Rian ft. Milton Menasco

LISTEN NOW | Written by Milton Menasco

Saddle Bunny x Milton Menasco

"The incredible, the iconic, the trailblazer of all trends currently taking WESTERN by storm..."

Whoa, make a brand blush, why don't ya Saddle Bunny?! Our very own Alli Addison joined THE Saddle Bunny herself, Kaitie Blue Kepler of @lifewayward for the best podcast episode we've ever been involved with. Any perhaps our first? Honestly, we cannot recall anymore.

Equestrian x Western

"Joining Kaitie in Vegas was something special, truly," explains Alli. "We started off our NFR crusade during weekend one with Saddle Bunny. It was our first PR meet up of the trip and we couldn't imagine kicking things off any other way. The episode was filled with deeply-rooted secrets, laugh-crying, Kaitie's perfect hair-do, me channeling my inner Lord Farquuad, a formal invitation to Bella Hadid to join us in Vegas and so much more."

"I have a rule that I don't ever listen to my interviews after they are recorded, I do not read any press that was written of myself, nothing. And this has been a long standing rule since I was a teenager. I've always felt that what was said was said and what was done is done, there is no use in going back and reliving it. Buttttttt... this episode, I can honestly say is worth a listen. Even by me," laughs Alli.

Kicking Off Las Vegas with Saddle Bunny

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1 Comment

Kelly Setzer
Kelly Setzer
Feb 03

I loved every word, Alli! This is like the campfire chat I’ve always imagined having with you!!! 🖤🤍🖤

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